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Eric Volkman

Eric Volkman


Eric has been writing about stocks and finance since the mid-1990s, when he lived in Prague, Czech Republic. Over the course of a varied career, he has also been a radio newscaster, an investment banker, and a bass player in a selection of rock and roll bands. A native New Yorker, he currently lives in Los Angeles.

Recent articles

Concerned young person with head in hands gazing at a screen

Why Apple Was a Sour Stock on Tuesday

Discouraging updates from a pair of analysts ding the iPhone maker's share price.

Medical professionals conferring in a hospial corridor

Why Inovio Pharmaceuticals Stock Topped the Market on Monday

The appointment of a new top executive clearly meets with investor approval.

Gas pipeline infrastructure

Why Vermilion Energy Stock Popped by Nearly 12% Today

An analyst upgrades the company in the belief that it's basically a sleeper stock.

A baby simian in a tree

Why ApeCoin Was Roaring on Sunday

You'd probably be a hit too if you guest-starred in a video from a pair of major hip-hop artists.

Three young people laughing and hugging

3 Top Stock Splits to Watch in 2022

What do a top electric vehicle maker, the king of internet search engines, and a veteran Asian video game company have in common?

Person staring at downward trending graph on a laptop

Why Meta Materials Stock Dived by Nearly 40% Today

No investor loves a dilutive new stock issue.

Two wolves howling in a forest

Why Wolfspeed Was a Howler of a Stock Today

An analyst's glowing note shines a light on the specialty chip maker.

Young person and older person gazing at a laptop screen

Why Apple and Alphabet Stocks Popped on Friday

Don't look now, but top tech stocks might, just might, be staging a comeback thanks to bargain hunters.

Person on a sofa cuddling with a small dog

Why Chewy Was Such a Tasty Stock This Week

An analyst is now suggesting investors take a big bite of the pet food purveyor.

The port fuselage of a plane at dawn or dusk

Why United Airlines Dipped While the Market Climbed Today

Fewer flights will be departing from one of the carrier's critical airports.

A group of people gathered around a table in an office

Why WeWork Was a Stock Market Star Today

An analyst enthusiastically iniates coverage on the bellwether co-working space provider.

Person giving the thumbs up after receiving a vaccination shot

Why Dynavax Crushed the Market on Thursday

Its partner's coronavirus vaccine comes one important step closer to approval in Europe.


Got $1,000? Buy These 2 Ultra-High-Yield Dividend Stocks on the Dip

A top retailer and a pharmaceutical giant both now boast dividends that yield more than 3%.

People in a conference room engaging in a video conference

Why Zoom Stock Was a Winner on Wednesday

The company is rolling out a suite of subscription packages.

Child receiving a vaccination shot from a healthcare professional

Why Pfizer and Moderna Bumped Higher on Tuesday

The two companies receive yet another green light for their respective coronavirus vaccines.

Adult and child putting coins into a piggy bank

These 2 Companies Just Raised Their Dividends -- and You Can Still Buy Them

There's still time to get in on lifts from both a top name in the industrials sector and a prominent REIT.

Person looking pleased while gazing at a smartphone

Why Meta Platforms Stock Flew Higher on Friday

An analyst price-target cut and calls for more sweeping regulatory oversight abroad couldn't dim the social media star's popularity.

Three young women laughing and hugging

Why Revlon Stock Almost Doubled on Friday

There's nothing like a little takeover scuttlebutt to put a rocket on a stock.

Patient and doctor conducting a telehealth session

Why Teladoc Health Shot More Than 5% Higher Today

An analyst shaves his price target on the leading telehealth company.

Young woman after a workout

Why Peloton Stock Tumbled This Week

A bearish new analyst note didn't do the struggling fitness equipment company any favors.

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