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James Brumley

James Brumley


James Brumley is former stockbroker with a large Wall Street firm, and a former trading analyst for a small, options-based newsletter. After twenty years of professional experience in and around the market, his approach is one that combines fundamentals, sentiment, and common sense. It's also an approach that respects this John Keynes reality: The market isn't always rational.

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The streaming industry's ongoing evolution has changed how its key players run their businesses.

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Why DiDi Global Stock Rallied Nearly 14% on Thursday

Chinese regulators are softening their tough treatment of the ride-hailing outfit, although the benefit of their advice is in question.


Walmart's Online Business Continues to Chip Away at Amazon's Dominance

Another round of research confirms retailers haven't simply given up on competing with the e-commerce powerhouse.

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Why IBM's Non-GAAP Reporting Isn't as Bad as People Are Saying

A big-time fund chief says Big Blue isn't nearly as profitable as the featured figures imply, but there's a good reason.


Vaping's Growth (Still) Can't Offset Smoking's Decline

E-cigarette usage is sure to gain traction, particularly in light of the FDA's announcements in October. It just doesn't matter to the tobacco industry as we know it.

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Don't dismiss the possibility that you can grow a million-dollar portfolio on an average income.

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Why Harmony Biosciences Stock Is Up 15% Today

The young biopharma outfit is set to become part of a major market index, which means a buying spree is on the radar.

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Better Buy: Walt Disney, or All 30 Dow Jones Stocks?

Shares of the entertainment giant tumbled on Monday following a reality check for Disney+, but there's a much bigger picture to consider.

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This Is How Much Most People Are Actually Earning From Social Security

You can't count on the average monthly benefit check to be the amount you'll be receiving.

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This ETF Could Help Grow Any Retirement Account

There are just some industries that are sure to grow in the foreseeable future.

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Why Futu Fell 26% This Week

China's political leadership and state-run media appear to be warning investors as well as the public that more restrictions and regulations are on the way.

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Warren Buffett Can't Buy This Stock, But You Can

Investors don't have to (and shouldn't) limit their picks to only the ones that big-name investors like.


It's Official: HP Is Overwhelmed by Its Unique Supply Chain Woes

The computer company wasn't built to withstand this sort of environment. Adapting isn't easy or quick.

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Affirm's Users Are Falling Behind on Payments

Customers' credit scores for the "buy now, pay later" specialist are starting to slip as well.

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Why Airline Stocks Like Southwest and United Got Grounded on Wednesday

A key cost warning from one of the industry's leading names applies to all the major airlines.

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Why SMART Global Is Soaring Today

The computer memory maker appears unfazed by the global semiconductor shortage and brewing DRAM glut.

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4 Top Dividend Payers of the S&P 500

Most of the index's highest-yielding stocks come with a big asterisk, but they're still worth a look.

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Why Micron Technology Fell Nearly 4% Today

Industry researchers dished out yet another warning that Micron's pricing power is under pressure.


5 Growth Stocks That Can Turn $250,000 Into $1 Million by 2030

A handful of companies are in the right place at the right time with the right product can produce four-bagger returns.