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Simon Erickson

Simon Erickson


I am a believer in the power of disruptive innovation, and that individual investors can significantly outperform the market over long periods of time. I am the lead advisor of our Motley Fool Explorer service, where we look for future-focused companies well-poised to capitalize on developing long-term trends.

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This "Secret" Amazon Technology Could Be Worth $15 Billion to Shareholders

Many professional analysts are calling Amazon's $1,000 stock price overvalued. But the e-commerce giant is deploying a new technology that could significantly reward investors.


3 Reasons iRobot Stock Could Sweep In Huge Returns

A surge in demand for consumer robotics could bring great investment returns for this market-leading company.

China's Digital-Streaming War is Intensifying

China's largest internet companies are in a battle to claim the country's lucrative digital-streaming market. Which one is likely to come out ahead, and what will it mean for investors?

Why Disney Is Going Over-the-Top With Sports Streaming

Cord-cutting has caused Disney to lose millions of ESPN subscribers in recent years. But the king of content's new digital-streaming solution could actually be a huge win for shareholders going forward.


The "Netflix of China"? A Closer Look at Baidu's Huge iQiyi Opportunity

Baidu is making incredible progress with iQiyi for digitally streaming movies and TV shows. See why this is a big deal for investors.

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Your Genome May Become the Next Facebook

The social media king's targeted advertising made billions of dollars for investors. But something even bigger is on the horizon.


Illumina Introduces a New Genomic Era

Illumina's new NovaSeq platform is capable of sequencing a person's entire genomic code for as low as $100. See what implications this has for the company and for investors.

Why Ellie Mae's Stock Is a Buy

Motley Fool Explorer advisor Simon Erickson makes a case that now is an opportune time to pick up shares of the mortgage software provider.

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Is Ellie Mae's Growth Hitting the Brakes?

A decrease in US refinancing activity is significantly slowing growth in Ellie Mae's variable revenue. How concerned should investors be?

3 Things Investors Need to Know About Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin is up more than 1,000% in the past two years. Here are three things investors need to know about it going forward.

Healthcare's Wearable Future

Motley Fool Explorer advisor Simon Erickson recently interviewed the Chief Operating Officer of a wearable device start up. How can Foolish investors best play the space?


Our Foolish Interview With 2U Inc CEO Chip Paucek

The Motley Fool recently sat down with the CEO of one of the world's most innovative companies. See what he had to say about the future of education and what it means for investors.


"The Jetsons" Comes True: Inside the Futuristic Smart Home

Once considered wildly futuristic, smart-home devices are already going mainstream. At this year's SXSW, we took a closer look at several innovative products that are already commercially available.


SXSW 2017: What Investors Need to Know

Each year, Austin's South-by-Southwest conference showcases the world's most innovative new ideas. See our key investing takeaways, as well as our top three predictions for the next five years!


How to Invest in the Future of Robotics

The Motley Fool interviews executives of ROBO Global about the emerging field of robotics.

Tech Predictions for 2017

We look ahead to the new year and make a few predictions about wearables, M&A, and where big tech companies will be focusing their resources.


3 Top Growth Stocks for 2017

Motley Fool Explorer lead advisor Simon Erickson shares three stocks that he expects to outperform in 2017 and beyond.

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2 Must-Know Investing Tips From Clayton Christensen

"The Innovator's Dilemma" author Clayton Christensen shares two important qualities investors should look for in fast-growing companies.

How to Spot Innovative Companies

Two Fools explain how to spot disruptive companies and a few caveats to keep in mind as you look.


Everything You Need to Know About Tesla's Offer for SolarCity

Tesla's bid for SolarCity is approaching the shareholder vote. Here's everything you need to know about the deal.