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Simon Erickson

Simon Erickson


I am a believer in the power of disruptive innovation, and that individual investors can significantly outperform the market over long periods of time. I am the lead advisor of our Motley Fool Explorer service, where we look for future-focused companies well-poised to capitalize on developing long-term trends.

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The "S-curve" is a growth-investing phenomenon where a company's sales and profits grow rapidly. See how The Motley Fool incorporates this thinking into their real-money portfolio services.


Innovation and Industries: Commercial Drones

Keep your eyes on the skies -- commercial drones are going mainstream, unleashing a fleet of new opportunities.

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In one of Supernova Explorer 1's missions earlier this year, we took a closer look at the latest developments in virtual reality and offered four companies for investors to consider.

How Tesla's Bid for SolarCity Disrupts the Industry -- and the Carmaker's Future

A look at what’s wrong with the Tesla-SolarCity deal, another step toward commercial drone legislation, and more.

SolarCity residential

Tesla's Acquisition Offer Isn't a Good Deal for SolarCity

Tesla's all-stock offer to acquire SolarCity is a premium to where shares trade today, but significantly undervalues the company's potential.

All It's Cracked Up to P/E?

Premium analyst Simon Erickson joins Industry Focus to explain how some Fools’ mentality towards the P/E ratio differs from other investors.

Shining a Light on SolarCity's Complex Fourth Quarter

SolarCity's fourth quarter wasn't well received by Wall Street, with shares falling 30% following the company's most recent report. Get our Foolish take on what's really going on in its results.

Oracle Corporation Is Crushing the Cloud Space

Working with has helped the company grow, but it's not always an easy relationship.

SXSW 2016: Our Foolish Recap

Analyst Simon Erickson is back from the South by Southwest technology festival, where he scouted out developing trends and Rule-Breaking companies. He shares his thoughts about artificial intelligence and the two other big concepts everyone was talking about.

Innovation and Industries: Cybersecurity

For big companies, it's not as simple as downloading an antivirus program. Get a feel for the industry and see how you can profit from safety.

Green shoots 3_Full

3 Top Growth Stocks for 2016

"Rule Breakers" senior analyst Simon Erickson picks three innovative companies for 2016 that he expects to outperform the market.

Innovation and Industries: Space Travel

Space travel isn't just for NASA missions anymore. Now, there's big business to be done in the final frontier.

Innovation and Industries: Virtual Reality

Developments in virtual reality are bringing businesses and investors into completely new worlds.

Internet of Things: InvenSense Has Big Plans for the Future

Industry Focus looks at LinkedIn’s valuation and what InvenSense is getting right.

Why Tesla Is More Than a Car Company

Yes, it's making electric cars now. But the company's Gigafactory is a game changer that can help it accelerate into new industries.

3 Top Growth Stocks for 2015

Rule Breakers' analyst Simon Erickson picks three innovative companies he expects to outperform next year.

3D Printing: Today, Tomorrow, and the Future

What does the future hold for 3D printing? Motley Fool Rule Breakers analyst Simon Erickson takes a look.

Don't Miss Out on These 3 Top Healthcare Growth Stocks

Healthcare is one of America's trillion-dollar industries, and the opportunities for investors to profit from it are absolutely incredible. In this video, our analysts recommend three fast-growing healthcare companies that are also official recommendations in our Rule Breakers premium service.

Innovation and Industries: Financial Services

Everything you need to know about the financial services industry.

Innovation and Industries: The Internet of Things

Everything investors need to know about this innovative industry.