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TechBUZZ: Summer's Hottest Start-Ups

We've partnered with Mid-Atlantic Venture Association to bring you the entrepreneurial stories of this summer's hottest local start-ups.

TechBUZZ: YOPP Brings Social to Local

Looking for a great sale on red heels or the best place to eat sushi? YOPP leverages the power of the network to help you find what you're looking for, with a decidedly "shop local" emphasis.

TechBUZZ: Attentiv Lets You Tell Your Boss the Truth

Ever been in a meeting where everyone was ready to make an important, much-needed change -- until the boss walked in? What if you could have provided respectful, anonymous feedback? With Attentiv, now you can.

TechBUZZ: Bubbl Lets You Share Clips of Your Favorite Shows

Imagine if there were an easy way to share LeBron's monster dunk, or Khaleesi's first ride on her dragon, with all of your friends -- in seconds. Now imagine that ESPN and HBO actually love that you're doing this. Bubbl makes that possible.

TechBUZZ: Athena Power Could Put an End to Long Power Outages

A big storm can knock out electricity for hours or days, costing power companies millions and leaving their customers frustrated or even in danger. Yet one start-up company has found a smart way to prevent major outages.

I Love Apple. Sell It.

The price of Apple share is trying to tell you something. Are you listening?

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