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Dan Moskowitz

Dan Moskowitz


Dan Moskowitz spends the majority of his time researching stocks. He believes that fundamentals, and logic pertaining to industry trends, win out over the long haul.

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McDonald's Brand Strength Still Dominates Its Peers'

Wendy’s and Burger King are constantly innovating in an attempt to steal share from McDonald’s, but McDonald’s has kept its brand strong throughout the years to maintain its lead.

Lululemon: Looking Good

Lululemon has made some impressive changes that should lead the company in the right direction.

Amazon Recognizes and Implements the Power of IT Engineers

Amazon has listed more IT positions than any other retailer by a wide margin. This ties into the company’s strategic advantage in today’s retail environment.

Is Best Buy Capable of a Turnaround?

Best Buy might not be the most popular retailer right now, which is understandable, but it’s making many strategic moves that might increase its long-term potential.

Which Cruise Stock Offers the Best Value?

Two cruise lines fight for the bow of the cruise line industry while another hangs back at the stern.

What to Make of Nike’s Third Quarter

Is it time to panic or time to jump in?

Home Depot Innovates to Stay Ahead of Lowe’s

Home Depot and Lowe’s are similar in many ways yet different in others. Home Depot has recently announced several initiatives, one of which could give it a lead in targeting today’s demanding consumer.

The 5 Worst Scores for Customer Satsifaction in Retail

Quality customer satisfaction is imperative for a retailer’s long-term success. Could recent low scores for these retailers be early warning signs?

A Big Reason for the Amazon Prime Price Hike

Yes, part of the reason for Amazon's recent Prime price hike was to offset shipping costs and increase profitability. But there’s another reason.

Lulu Go

Lululemon: Beyond Yoga

Lululemon is facing competition from every angle. But despite constant headwinds and missteps, it still manages to grow.

Disney's Numerous Future Potential Growth Catalysts

It’s not often that you find an established company offering significant growth potential. This is one of those rare cases.

Which Suffering Retailer Will Pull Off a Turnaround?

These five companies suffered significant year-over-year revenue declines in the fourth quarter. However, it’s likely that at least one of them will pull off an impressive turnaround.

This Teen Retailer Stands Out

Teen retailers are feeling the pinch. Despite severe headwinds in this space, one retailer offers good long-term potential, and for one simple reason.

Which Department Store Is Winning Online?

Not all investors realize this, but there are ways to find out how a company is performing online -- in regards to recent traffic trends.

Second Time's the Charm? Wal-Mart Enters Used Game Market

Wal-Mart just announced a new initiative, and it’s not likely to be good news for GameStop.

Target Attempts to Reinvent the Wheel in Canada

Target has a game plan north of the border, but it’s a game plan that might need to change.

Tomorrow’s Retail Winners Despite Declining Mall Traffic

The face of retail is changing. Five years from now, certain companies should have significant edges over their competition.

5 Retailers That Beat the Winter Weather

It was a rough fourth quarter for retailers, and the weather played a big role. However, winter’s onslaught didn’t bother these five retailers.

The Real Threat to Monster Beverage

The rise of the health-conscious consumer isn’t good news for Monster now that healthy energy drinks are available.

Will Target's Data Breach Nightmare Ever End?

Yes -- especially considering the company's technological investments, personnel decisions, and one key past event. However, this nightmare still has legs.