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Mike Price

Mike Price


Mike Price, MSF has ten years of experience value investing.

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When companies trade on their story and not their fundamentals, you need to be vigilant in your analysis. Here are a few examples.


What Is Accounting Profit?

How to find accounting profit and what other profit measures may be superior.

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What Is GAAP?

GAAP is a set of accounting standards followed by most U.S. businesses, nonprofit organizations, and state and local governments, as well as non-U.S. companies.

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What Is a Good ETF Expense Ratio?

How to think about and use the ETF expense ratio.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves much more than just creating a will. Learn about planning for your future medical care, whether or not you need a trust, and, yes, how to make a will.


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IRR is important for management teams working on capital budgeting. Is it useful for investors?

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Here's how to calculate and use earnings per share.


Dividends in Arrears

If you own stock in a company that suspends its preferred dividends, you are still owed those dividend amounts.


Understanding Shares Outstanding

How to calculate shares outstanding and some other share metrics you may encounter.


What Are Profitability Ratios?

Learn how to quickly judge whether a company is making money and using its resources wisely.

Accounts That Earn Compounding Interest

Compound interest is what can turn your savings into wealth over time -- even if you don't earn a great rate of return.


What Is Gross Profit?

Gross margin is one of the best indicators of a company's growth prospects. Learn where to find it and how to analyze it.