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The Changing Solar Paradigm

The solar industry has been enjoying a strong recovery for more than a year. However, the rising price of solar panels could harm the entire industry.

Apple Inc. Can Grow with Beats and an iWatch

Apple may have lost its innovation leadership to other players by sticking to its two most successful products, the iPad and iPhone. The company is finally exploring new avenues for growth amid increasing threats from quality products like the Surface Pro 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Is Oversupply Yingli Green Energy's Biggest Problem?

The inability of Yingli to generate profit, along with its high-debt capital structure and low quick ratio, paints a worrying liquidity picture of the company. However, the increase in China’s solar targets may help Yingli’s cause.

Will The FCC Sign Off on This Merger?

The Sprint/T-Mobile merger cannot be ruled out as Softbank’s case is a strong one. The merger is possible, if not probable, but the FCC can also go down the spectrum road in order to improve competition.

The Bottom-Line Concerns for Solar

The solid growth that the solar industry has shown over the last couple of years is expected to continue. However, supply is still overtaking demand and prices are coming down, which is squeezing margins for the entire industry.

SunPower Is a Buy on High Margins and Positive Cash Flow

The solar industry is set to grow due to anticipated demand, but margins will be capped because of pricing pressure. Companies with a downstream business and a balance-of-system model are expected to enjoy higher margins.

The "Google of China" Is Undervalued and Growing

Low internet penetration levels in China provide room to grow. Baidu, the market leader, is likely to continue its upward trend with more capital and better technology.

Are Microsoft's New Offerings Game-Changers?

Microsoft got a positive response to its Surface Pro 2, but sales were lukewarm at best. However, the new Surface Pro 3 has the potential to take the industry by surprise.

Is Hewlett-Packard Company Irrelevant?

The popularity of handhelds has led to trouble for Hewlett-Packard. HP has been badly hurt by this growth, but it's bouncing back with more focus on cloud services.

Can SolarCity Corp Secure Its Bottom Line?

SolarCity has shown significant top-line improvement but is still lacking on the bottom line. The company will have to increase focus on high-margin segments to turn profitable.

Nokia Is Back on Track

The sale of Nokia's devices segment has generated a lot of cash and is now enabling the company to focus on its networking solutions. It already has the market leadership in 4G LTE and is also ahead in 5G research.

Bottom-line Troubles in the Competitive Cloud Arena

Rackspace might have been a first-mover in the cloud industry, but it no longer holds the advantage. Larger players like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are tightening the noose with price competition.

A Winning Technology Bet You Shouldn't Ignore

QLogic is involved in the design and marketing of network infrastructure products for computer data communication. The rise of portable devices and the need for data has increased demand for the company's products.

Intel Corporation Can Claim Lost Glory

Intel has ruled the PC and servers space with its x86 architecture in the past. However, its failure in the handheld space may force it to consider the foundry business.

AMD Will Succeed Where Others Failed

AMD is trying surprise the semiconductor industry by embracing both x86 and ARM. This strategy not only gives it an edge over competitors but also something to fall back on if things don't go as planned.

The Semiconductor Industry Is Changing Rapidly

The semiconductor industry is rapidly evolving due to the recent partnership between Samsung and GlobalFoundries. This partnership will put pressure on both Taiwan Semiconductor and Intel to come up with better products.

Cloud Growth Is a Game Changer for SanDisk

The growth in hand-held devices has led to faster memory solutions. SanDisk's superior technology gives it an edge in this growth environment.

Buybacks and Dividends, Juniper Is Changing

The recent announcement of a buyback program, and a possibility of dividends, significantly increases the viability of Juniper as a long-term investment. The growth in data consumption and rallies spurred by share buybacks will also help the investor’s cause.