Shares of Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) have enjoyed an excellent run on the stock market so far this year, rising more than 40% as investors have been betting on a turnaround. The mobile gaming specialist has managed to keep investor enthusiasm high despite a weak start to the year, thanks to its promise of working on platform-centric games to generate sustainable revenue.

In fact, Glu was able to post year-over-year revenue growth in its latest quarter for the first time in two years, and the company will look to extend the momentum when it releases its second-quarter results after the market closes  on Aug. 1. Here's what investors can expect from the company's upcoming report.

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Wall Street expects  terrific year-over-year revenue growth of over 41% from Glu Mobile during the second quarter with the per-share loss reduced from $0.03 in the prior-year period to $0.01. The consensus revenue estimate of $72 million is right in line with the company's  guidance.

Investors will be looking for information on increased investment to acquire more users for the Design Home title. The company's internal analysis has revealed that higher investment  in this franchise could lead to a stronger margin next year. Glu's investments in its key titles have been crucial to the company's bookings growth, which are estimated to be $285 million for the year as compared to $214 million in 2016.

Looking past the report

Investors will also be looking to see what the company expects in the third quarter. Analysts expect Glu Mobile's revenue  to rise over 38% year over year during the third quarter to a shade under $71 million. This closely reflects the quarterly run rate of the company's annual bookings guidance. Glu should ideally be able to hit this mark as its bookings and revenue have been relatively close  to each other in recent years.

Additionally, the mobile gaming specialist's guidance should be helped by the launch of three  new games later this year, including a title based on Taylor Swift. Glu's Toronto-based studio has been working closely with Swift on a new title that could help the company take advantage of the celebrity's popularity.

Meanwhile, Glu is going to test two other titles, one based on car racing and the other a Zombie shooter. The company will test  the beta performance of both these titles and launch them by the fourth quarter if they turn out to be successful.

But savvy investors should ideally look beyond Glu's near-term guidance as the company's recent deals could turn out to be quite lucrative in the long run. In June, Glu Mobile announced  that it is going to partner with WWE to develop a mobile game featuring popular wrestlers. This title is expected to be launched next year, and could turn out to be a big money spinner for Glu as WWE's two main   shows -- RAW and SmackDown -- get more than 5 million viewers every week.

Glu Mobile's turnaround seems to be on track and investors will be looking to see if this is confirmed in its earnings report.

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