What happened

Shares of Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) soared 42.2% higher in May, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The media technologies expert posted fantastic first-quarter results in early May, sending share prices 19% higher in a single day.

So what

Roku's sales surged 51% higher, year over year, to $207 million. Bottom-line losses increased from $0.07 to $0.09 per share, but the results still crushed Wall Street's expectations across the board. Your average analyst would have settled for a $0.24 loss per share on revenues near $192 million. In particular, Roku's platform services provided a 79% revenue jump. The positive momentum continued as analysts posted glowing reviews of Roku's first-quarter results.

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Now what

This stock is treating investors very kindly, posting a 157% gain over the last six months and a 232% gain in 52 weeks. Those massive gains were built on skyrocketing sales as the company remains unprofitable. It's one of those classic high-growth tickers that will sink or swim based on pure top-line momentum for the foreseeable future. Since Roku is riding in the vanguard of a global megatrend toward digital media services, there should be plenty of rocket fuel left in its growth-boosting tanks.

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