It looks like Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is ready to restart its halted content production. Redanian Intelligence, a fan site for the Netflix show The Witcher, found evidence that the company plans to start shooting season 2 on Aug. 3.

What's going on?

The fan site's amateur sleuths found Netflix in search of actors and production staff for The Witcher in four locations. These casting calls were found in issue 1198 of Production Weekly, an industry service that connects showrunners to actors and production staff across the film and TV production industry.

A clapboard about to snap and a camera filming two subjects in the background.

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The same site had previously heard that Netflix was finalizing its safety procedures before swinging back into action. The production locales are spread across Europe, including soundstages and external locations in Scotland, London, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Netflix's crews will have to follow local safety guidelines and requirements in each of these places.

If everything goes according to plan this time, The Witcher might wrap its filming near Christmas. The second season should be available to Netflix subscribers in the summer or fall of 2021.

What's next?

Netflix appears to be getting ready to restart many original productions. Production Weekly published casting calls for Netflix Originals Sex Education and Elite two weeks ago and mega-hit Stranger Things started looking for actors for season 4 in April. It's unclear when these projects will be able to start shooting again, but you can bet that Netflix will make every effort to keep the production pipeline as active as possible in the fall. The company is making up for several months of lost time.

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