What happened

Shares of Ammo (NASDAQ:POWW) are up 16.1% as of noon EST today, after the ammunition manufacturer preannounced a "256% year-over-year increase in orders shipped" in fiscal Q3 2021.  

So what

Management added that "booked orders ... have now increased to a record setting $180 million as of February 1, 2021." And CEO Fred Wagenhals said Ammo is continuing to "strategically and effectively increase our order intake, manufacturing and shipping capacity in an effort to address the continuing escalating demand being received across all channels, as our record backlog continues to grow."

According to Wagenhals, Ammo sees "strong demand through all of 2021 and ... into 2022 for the US Commercial Market."

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Now what

This is at least the third explosive press release Ammo has put out in anticipation of its Feb. 16 earnings call, boasting of strong sales but saying not a word about profits. On Jan. 6, the company predicted fiscal Q3 2021 sales will grow nearly 500% to $16.5 million. Six days later, on Jan. 12, the company issued a forecast for fiscal Q4 (that's right, even before  the official Q3 numbers come out) of 317% year-over-year sales growth.

And now, Ammo has added another number to the mix: a 256% increase, not in sales, but in "orders shipped."

I don't know about you, but after hearing all of these sales numbers, I'm really interested in hearing about how much this red-hot stock earned on all these sales and shipments. Tune in Feb. 16 to find out.

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