High-growth stocks have been wildly popular lately and it's not hard to see why. A 10-bagger stock pick can allow you to come out ahead even if a dozen other bets blow up in your face.

These three stocks have already produced outstanding gains and there's a good chance they can do it again. Read on to see why investors looking for growth stocks to buy will want to learn more about edge computing, insurance shopping, and kidney failure prediction. 

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Renalytix AI

Renalytix AI (RNLX -3.98%) is using a proprietary algorithm to direct limited resources toward chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients at risk of severe damage. This is a huge underappreciated space that's ripe for disruption. Each year, Medicare spends more than $120 billion managing CKD for more than an estimated 37 million Americans.

The vast majority of CKD-related spending is generated by less than 1 million patients who have progressed to end-stage kidney disease. That's because these patients require regular dialysis treatments or hyper-expensive kidney transplants if they're lucky enough to receive them. Vigilant monitoring of all CKD patients before they progress to end-stage kidney disease would be ideal but impractical. Renalytix AI helps healthcare systems discern which CKD patients need attention now to prevent them from progressing.

Between 8 million and 11 million Americans have CKD due to type 2 diabetes or diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Last August, Renalytix applied for FDA clearance of its KidneyIntelX diagnostic based on successful clinical trial results from a DKD outcome study. Patients labeled low risk by KidneyIntelX were far less likely to experience severe kidney damage down the road than patients deemed low risk by traditional methods.

If approved, we can expect rapid sales growth thanks to the recently finalized Medicare Coverage of Innovative Technology rule. The new rule means new breakthrough devices and diagnostics like KidneyIntelX can receive a national coverage determination (NCD) the moment they're cleared by the FDA. With an NCD, receiving government reimbursement for KidneyIntelX would be a relative breeze.


About a month ago, we saw just how important Fastly's (FSLY 2.76%) content delivery network (CDN) has become to the internet at large. Governments, newspaper publishers, and even The Motley Fool served visitors error messages on the morning of June 8, 2021, after one of the company's clients uncovered a software bug.

Fastly figured out the problem and restored 95% of its network within 49 minutes. Since then, the stock's been under pressure as investors anticipate customers switching back to more established competitors like Akamai (AKAM -0.30%).

Fastly's depressed price looks like an opportunity to buy an up-and-coming leader in the CDN space at a discount. Fastly's edge platform allows developers to build highly customized applications they would rather not relocate. Don't be surprised if this edge computing stock bounces back before the end of the year. 


This company is changing how people shop for insurance. EverQuote (EVER 0.42%) allows consumers to shop for insurance products from providers like Travelers and Progressive without having to fill out separate forms. 

Selling consumer referrals to insurance providers is a lucrative business that's growing fast. The company reported total revenue that rose 28% year over year to $104 million during the first quarter. Last year, adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization more than doubled to reach $18.4 million.

EverQuote expects $438 million in total revenue this year, which is just a tiny fraction of the amount insurers spend trying to reach customers. According to EverQuote, the insurance industry will spend around $16.7 billion on advertising in 2024. Insurance providers that aren't digital natives are beating a path to EverQuote's door because it's just about the only place where potential customers can actively shop for policies. 

Americans are spending more time online, and with this secular trend pushing new insurance customers into EverQuote's arms, the company could keep growing by leaps and bounds for years to come.