When it comes to investing rules, Motley Fool analysts Brian Feroldi and Brian Stoffel don't have any hard-and-fast ones that can never be broken. That being said, both are highly skeptical of companies that rely on one-off purchases and represent technologies that can quickly become commoditized.

That's why both have long shied away from graphics chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA -1.48%). But when they spent an hour diving into the company, they were pleasantly surprised. And even though the company's stock has surged over 1,300% in the past five years, both now believe there could be significant upside potential moving forward. The potential in quantum computing alone, for example, could justify today's stock price.

As of yet, neither has put shares in their personal portfolios. But if you want the eight-minute summary of why they changed their outlook on the company, watch the video below.