December has arrived, and you're asking yourself, "Which stocks should I buy now?" I've got your back! I have three stock ideas for you to explore. These stocks have been beaten down from recent highs, and I believe they are opportunities at these levels. Today's video covers three types of stocks:

  • The first stock is a hyper-growth stock focused on AI fintech.
  • The second is a quality blue chip stock with an incredible moat.
  • The third and final stock is a semiconductor laggard with an attractive 16.9 P/E and a 1.49% dividend yield. 

Upstart (UPST -7.65%) is down over 50% from its recent high of $401.49. This red-hot stock is an AI lending platform that works with banks to disrupt traditional lending practices such as FICO scores. In its recent quarter, Upstart reported 242% revenue growth year over year (YOY) with a 12.73% net profit margin. These are impressive numbers, but the stock was priced for perfection. Is the stock a buy now that it's under $200? Watch the below video for my take and potential price targets. 

Disney (DIS -0.70%) is an entertainment conglomerate with a very strong moat. The company owns Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars, ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, Disney+ streaming, Disney theme parks, hotel resorts, cruise lines, and more. The pandemic has significantly hurt its business, and the stock has suffered in 2021. After recent earnings, the stock price dipped below $145. Could this be an amazing long-term investment opportunity, or is the stock headed lower? Please watch the below video for my opinion and price targets. 

Skyworks Solutions (SWKS 3.60%) trades at a reasonable valuation with a nice little dividend to boot. In its recent quarter, the company reported 37.01% YOY revenue growth with a 24.89% net profit margin. The stock is under pressure due to factors including supply chain constraints, but when I look at the longer-term picture, the stock seems like a very attractive investment. 

Please see the video below for more information and my opinions on what price levels I think could be attractive for long-term investors.

*Stock prices used in the below video were during the trading day of Dec. 1, 2021. The video was published on Dec. 1, 2021.