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Anthony Di Pizio

Anthony Di Pizio


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Down 34% From Its Highs, Is It Time to Buy Medallia?

In the big data "gold rush," this company sells picks and shovels.

A person is working with resistors pick and place machine in circuit board factory

Why You Need to Add Axcelis Technologies to Your Watch List Right Now

This low-profile manufacturer serves the booming semiconductor industry, and it's growing nicely.

A person paying with a credit card at a bakery eftpos

This Under-the-Radar Payments Company Could Be a Great Investment

While many investors chase new, highflying entrants to the financial services sector, this 46-year-old SaaS payments company might represent excellent value.

people in an office with trading screens

Are CME Group Shares Still a Good Value?

Higher trading volumes driven by the pandemic have leveled off, and so have the company's revenues.

People viewing a mobile device in front of stacks of supercomputers

Why Zscaler Is A Great Investment Amid Rising Cybersecurity Threats

The cloud security provider continues to expand its products and services, potentially boosting revenues that are already growing rapidly.

Woman having her face scanned AI biometrics

C3ai Is Down 55% This Year. Is Now the Time to Buy?

Platform artificial intelligence is an emerging industry with mammoth growth prospects. This company is at the forefront.

man and woman looking over documents with woman in business suit -- financial advisor planner real estate agent realtor contract

How Much More Can Ally Financial Grow?

The largest auto lender in America just got a big vote of confidence from another investment bank.

artificial intelligence ai getty 6.2.17

Why Splunk Shares Fell 9% After Earnings

Analyzing big data is big business, but Splunk has struggled to convert that into earnings.

gold coin with bitcoin symbol on it -- cryptocurrency BTC

How Bitcoin Losses Could Hit Tesla's Earnings

Tesla had enormous paper profits on its Bitcoin investment, but with prices crashing, the cryptocurrency could trigger an earnings headache.

woman using cellphone for mobile online banking

What You Should Know About Upstart Holdings' Valuation

Investors are paying a big premium for this artificial intelligence-driven lending disruptor.

man and woman sitting at table signing documents contract divorce settlement paperwork

Why DocuSign's Valuation Warrants Caution

The electronic documents business is bigger than ever, but it's not hitting the bottom line for DocuSign.

Aerial view of Manhattan New York City at sunset

Is Citigroup Finally a Value Stock to Buy?

After trading below tangible book value for the last 12 months, Citi has clawed its way back.

corporate board of directors boardroom conference room businesspeople

Zoom Shares Are Down Over 44% ... and It Might Get Worse

The virtual-meeting platform rose to prominence on pandemic tailwinds. Can it stay lofty as the workplace returns to normal?

mature couple talking to financial advisor POC

Why Ally Financial Is a Buy Even If the Markets Sell Off

With volatility creeping into the markets, a fast-growing bank might be a good place to invest.

bronze bear and bull figurines -- bear market bull market stock market

Interactive Brokers Rides the Trading Boom

Falling commissions and easy access to markets continue to drive investors to the global electronic broker.

stock chart getty 6.27.17

Why You Need to Know About Virtu Financial

Unprecedented volatility in the financial markets has been good for this company's earnings.

two people shaking hands over a document and a model home -- house mortgage loan broker refinance contract

Why Zillow Stock Is Down Almost 50% From Its Highs

This real estate specialist is attempting to disrupt an incredibly entrenched industry, and the opportunity is large. However, investors may have jumped the gun on earnings.

ethereum virtual money getty 7.13.17

Ethereum Is Up 24% in a Month. Is It a Good Investment?

Ethereum is up big, but volatility has returned to the crypto markets. That might spell opportunity for the bulls.

frustrated man in front of stock chart going down crash losses

Affirm Falls Further After Big Quarterly Loss

The buy now, pay later business delivers more revenue, but much greater losses in the fiscal third quarter.

friends sitting around table in restaurant and toasting food drink dining

DoorDash Is Down 50%, and It Might Get Worse

The food delivery giant released first-quarter results on May 13, and investors are still waiting for signs of ever-elusive profits.