Apple's (AAPL -0.17%) recent deal with Major League Soccer showed it's putting more emphasis on streaming sports. In this video clip from "The M&A Show" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on June 17, contributors Jason Hall and Travis Hoium discuss how the company could become a bigger player in the sports streaming world.

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Jason Hall: If you were an Apple investor, are these the sorts of things you want to see Apple trying? I say yes.

Travis Hoium: Yeah. I've been actually really impressed with Apple's streaming product. Like shockingly impressed. If you ever just played around in their app and just picked a random show to watch, they're really good.

This is the kind of thing when I think about what is the future of sports streaming look like, this is it. It's hey, I have my Apple device with me, I can log into my account and I can access my stream of my sports content anywhere I am in the world. Like that's the way this should work, It shouldn't be geolocating me and see if I'm in my regional area to access the regional sports network. If I'm not and then I'm blacked out.

Sports has always been a mess in that perspective, but it hasn't mattered until we're in the streaming environment where it doesn't necessarily make sense to have the regional restrictions that we have long had to some of these. I think this is the right move for them.

The other thing is if they succeed, you talked about the downside. There is very little downside for them. If they succeed and become a go-to for both streaming and for sports, man, that makes their business even stickier and they're able to add to their revenue streams across devices because the Apple TV+ app is available on more than just Apple devices.