In this video, I will talk about what to look out for during Nvidia's (NVDA 1.87%) earnings call after the company announced a big miss

  • The company was expecting Q2 revenue to come in at $8.1 billion, but that number came in much lower at $6.7 billion, down 19% quarter over quarter (QOQ) and only up 3% year over year (YOY). 
  • The company blames the gaming segment, which came in weaker than expected because of the challenging market conditions. Management expects those conditions to continue in Q3.
  • The reason for declining sales is due to weaker end-demand. Especially with the decline in crypto prices and the rise in energy costs, mining is not as profitable anymore.

  • Long-term investors should invite a drop in stock price because paying close to 50 times earnings right now, is expensive regardless of how great Nvidia is. 
  • Nvidia will host its next GTC conference virtually from Sept. 19-22.

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*Stock prices used were the closing prices of August 18, 2022. The video was published on August 19, 2022.