I was going to buy shares of Motley Fool Stock Advisor pick Resources Global (NASDAQ:RECN) back in June. Really I was -- scout's honor. But then I got busy, forgot about it, and saw the shares jump away from me when the company reported solid results in July. But if today's overreaction continues, I just might get a decent second chance after all.

See, the company reported what looked to me like a respectable fiscal first quarter, but the Street disagreed and the stock is down about 6% as of this writing. Revenue climbed about 30%, operating income was up about 24%, and earnings per share were up about 26%. True, growth and margins weren't all that special on a sequential basis, but nobody who was paying attention should have expected them to be. See, the summer is not only vacation time here in the U.S. -- it's also holiday season in Europe (RECN gets more than 20% of its revenue from overseas). And when summer comes, European businesses really slow to a crawl.

One thing, though, that did bother me about the quarter was a comment on new client additions. Specifically, management said that one quarter's performance wasn't meaningful. Now, I can agree with that philosophically, but I also know that some investors will take that as code for "we didn't do very well." Also not helping matters was the revelation that Hurricane Rita (and its impact on the Houston area) would probably cost at least $1 million in lost revenue.

All in all, though, I'm not really bothered by any of that. The business continues to grow, client retention looks pretty solid, and the company continues to see a shift away from audit services toward accounting and finance. To me, that suggests that the company is good at drawing customers in for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and then turning them into clients for other services.

If you look at other companies like Motley Fool Inside Value pick Accenture (NYSE:ACN), Corporate Executive Board (NASDAQ:EXBD), or even IBM (NYSE:IBM), you see that consulting can be an incredibly lucrative business. Sure, Resources Connection will have to contend with competition, recruiting and retaining talent, and managing growth, but for now at least it looks like this company is on to something.

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