Rest now, for Monday we trade. Here's what's on the radar.

The new trading week kicks off with Cal-Maine Foods (Nasdaq: CALM) reporting on Monday morning. The egg giant is showing signs of cracking. Analysts see the company earning $0.26 a share in its latest quarter, well short of the $0.47 a share it rang up a year ago.

Steelmaker Worthington Industries (NYSE: WOR), memory and imaging juggernaut Micron Technology (NYSE: MU), and supply chain specialist ModusLink Global Solutions (Nasdaq: MLNK) all step up on Tuesday, providing investors with the opportunity to take the pulse of several different industries.

However, the report that is likely to draw the most attention is Nike's (NYSE: NKE). The athletic footwear and apparel giant is a great barometer. If consumers are digging deep into their pocketbooks for premium sneakers and branded clothing, the recovery may be the real deal.

Diamond Foods (Nasdaq: DMND) isn't as nutty as its snacks. It's apparently finding ways to grow its bottom line during the economic lull, as Wall Street expects quarterly profits to climb 13% to $0.18 a share on Wednesday.

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) reports on Thursday. The leader in management consulting and technology system integration has been a Motley Fool Inside Value recommendation for more than four years, handily beating the market in that time.

If you warm up to Nike as a consumer gauge, feel free to lean on Accenture's report as a way to measure the corporate space.

There are no major stateside companies reporting on Friday, so catch up on some sleep. It will be October, and earnings season will be kicking up in earnest just a couple of weeks later.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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