The Motley Fool is celebrating the Banksgiving season with this tongue-in-cheek series skewering the worst banking offenses. Check it all out by clicking here.

To properly celebrate this Banksgiving season, we Fools are taking a step back into yesteryear -- and by yesteryear, we mean last year.

Thanks to the banks, times are tough. So we've gone low-tech and made a video whose quality would make a B-movie director shudder.

We stick to three of the more satirical (or is that Satanic?) elements of the crisis:

1. A look at one of the guys approving all those crazy mortgages.
2. The Behind the Music of one of the big bank mergers.
3. A fly-on-the-wall view of the original government bailout of the big banks.

We'll spare you the gory details of the financial crisis, since you've heard it all before. (But if you need a refresher, we've provided one beneath the video). And with that, we wish you a happy, gizzard-in-cheek Banksgiving. Enjoy the video!

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*stuff = um, something else.