Counting both technology and telecom stocks, the  Dow Jones Industrial Average  boasts seven stocks that fall into either category. But these aren't your run-of-the-mill growth companies. In fact, most of the companies in the index fit the bill of mature, dividend-paying stalwarts, versus the kinds of high-growth businesses more often associated with the tech or telecom space. However, that doesn't necessarily mean these companies aren't worth investors' time. The Fool's technology editor recently sat down to sift through the tech stocks on the Dow and find the best ones. Today, we put Cisco under the microscope, and we also touch on several stories that have driven the markets lately. Watch the following video to find out which stocks are the winners and losers in this space.

Although Cisco looks like one of the more attractive tech stocks on the Dow, several non-tech names might offer even more upside for investors. If you're looking for some long-term investing ideas in this blue chip space, you should check out the Fool's latest research report: "The 3 Dow Stocks Dividend Investors Need." It's absolutely free for our readers, so just click here and get your copy today.

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