In the video below, Motley Fool tech analyst Andrew Tonner takes a look at the recent movement in shares of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). The stock is currently trading 25% off its 52-week high, but Andrew believes that the skeptics are wrong.  

The reasons for Apple's share price decline do not have anything to do with the long-term investment thesis for Apple.  As Andrew notes, tax selling may be contributing to pressure on the shares; with the stock up 35% during 2012 and significantly more over the longer term, investors may have felt pressured to sell shares while capital gains tax rates were lower before the fiscal cliff. Vague discussion by analysts of technical issues and whether Apple's products are no longer in vogue are typically not supported by any real substance and focus on a short term mentality.

The fundamentals for Apple have not changed. New products, including the latest releases of the iPhone and iPad, are providing growth this holiday season. Meanwhile, the stock remains cheap from a valuation perspective and Apple's growth characteristics continue to remain a bright spot for investors with a long-term view.