Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Street View launched in Hungary and Lesotho today, bringing the total number of countries the company has mapped with its Street View system to 50. It started in 2007 with five U.S. cities.

Users can now view the Hungarian Parliament Building, see the famous Chain bridge, or view the historic center of Budapest. From Lesotho, Google promises "mountainous imagery" along with pictures of structures such as Lesotho Evangelical Church.

The company said on its blog that it's also updating Street View imagery today for 14 countries and about 350,000 miles -- the largest single update the company has ever made to Street View. The update includes new images for France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand. The company also added a new special collection of "picturesque spots" on the site.

"You can navigate more than 5 million miles of the world, without ever leaving home," said Google.


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