As it neared the end of its life, the old Chevy Impala had few fans -- aside from managers at rental car companies, who loved the fact that it was big, cheap, and reliable. But it was an old design that didn't compete well and needed big discounts to sell -- exactly the kind of product that General Motors (NYSE:GM)really doesn't want to have around anymore.

The new Chevy Impala is gaining lots of fans -- and generating good profits for GM. Photo credit: General Motors Co.

The new Impala is a completely different beast. It's comfortable and plush and well made -- and it's getting more and more rave reviews, with experts saying that it's almost a luxury car with a Chevy price. In this video, Fool contributor John Rosevear explains what the Impala's success says about the state of GM's business -- and why it could mean big things for GM's stock price.

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