Ford sells two versions of the Focus in China. The "Classic Focus", shown above, is a value-priced model based on the last-generation European Focus. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co.

Called the "New Focus" in China, Ford's latest Focus is positioned as a premium product in China's booming auto market. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co.

China's auto boom had already shifted into high gear before Ford (NYSE:F) got serious about expanding in the Middle Kingdom, but the Blue Oval has been working hard to make up for lost time.

Ford's Focus -- sold in two different versions in China -- has already become one of China's best-selling cars, and more models from Ford's global lineup are gaining traction in the world's largest auto market.

Those models are finding a rapidly growing following in China: Ford's sales so far this year are up a whopping 50%. In this video, contributor John Rosevear looks at Ford's latest sales numbers from China, and explains why Ford is doing so well -- and what's up next for the Blue Oval's Asian campaign.

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