Military armored truck-maker Oshkosh (NYSE:OSK) won a new truck contract from the Pentagon Thursday -- one of the largest contracts the Pentagon awarded on the day.

Valued at $76.8 million, this was technically a modification of a pre-existing firm-fixed-price contract originally issued in August 2009. Back then, the Pentagon awarded Oshkosh the contract to build a "family of medium tactical vehicles," or FMTV -- which the Army describes as "a series of vehicles based on a common chassis, which vary by payload and mission requirements." FMTV vehicle types include materiel handlers, tractors, vans, wrecking trucks, and dump trucks.

To date, Oshkosh has won FMTV contracts amounting to $4.7 billion over four years, despite the contract originally being estimated as being worth $2.5 billion over five years.