Computer networking company Brocade (NASDAQ:BRCD) announced today that it has successfully wooed Ari Bose away from Polycom to become its own chief information officer.

Bose held a similar position at Polycom, where he also served as senior vice president.

He will be tasked with standardizing the company's internal IT systems to support cross-functional collaboration and manage information security and risk. One major initiative is to continue expanding the company's network-centric virtualization strategy in which Brocade currently operates at more than 70% virtual workloads.

In a statement welcoming him aboard, Gale England, Brocade's vice president of customer advocacy and operational effectiveness, said Bose's appointment is pivotal in advancing the company's position "at the forefront of data center networking innovation, ushering in a new era of networking through revolutionary technologies such as Ethernet fabrics, network functions virtualization, and software-defined networking." 

Brocade shares closed up 1.3% on the day and ended trading at $8.33 per share.