A worker inspects a Ford Focus being built at Ford's assembly plant in Wayne, Mich. The plant's assembly lines are idle this week, and will be idle again in December. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co.

During the company's painful restructuring last decade, Ford (NYSE:F) closed many of its factories and consolidated production at its most modern plants. Those surviving factories are now very busy -- and very profitable -- but the downsizing has left Ford with an interesting challenge: keeping up with demand for some of its hot models.

But even as Ford is pushing hard to get more production out of some of its factories, it's idling the plant that makes its well-regarded Focus, among other models. What's the deal? In this video, Motley Fool contributor John Rosevear explains why workers at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant are getting a surprise week off -- and asks if Ford has been pushing a little too hard in recent months.

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