Sales of the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid were up big in October. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co.

Investors have wondered exactly what Ford (NYSE:F) has been thinking with its old luxury brand, Lincoln.

Ford executives have talked a lot about turning Lincoln into a thriving global brand, but so far it's been hard to see how that will happen. Rivals such as General Motors (NYSE:GM) and Nissan (NASDAQOTH:NSANY) have made very big, very visible investments to push brands like Cadillac and Infiniti up the global sales and profit charts. If Ford is making a similar effort with Lincoln, the automaker has been keeping it very quiet.

But Ford is making some progress with Lincoln. The old brand's U.S. sales were up sharply in October, thanks to rising sales of the MKZ sedan, shown above. As Motley Fool contributor John Rosevear explains in this short video, the MKZ could turn out to be the initial success that gives the much talked about Lincoln revival something to build on.

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