While content may be king in the media sphere, several major companies such as Disney (NYSE:DIS) and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) are now looking for ways to innovate in how they curate content for consumers, and the upcoming technological video and television advancements may change the way viewers watch TV forever.

In this video -- part of an interview on the 5 Tech Trends Investors Must Watch in 2014 -- the Motley Fool's Rex Moore chats with Consumer Electronics Association Senior VP of Communications Jeff Joseph about several major advancements on the horizon in the way video content is consumed, and who some of the biggest players are in the upcoming video revolution. They discuss how digital has paved the way for the transition to high definition, which is now moving to ultra HD, and chat about how companies like Netflix, TiVo (NASDAQ:TIVO), and Disney via its ESPN brand are making use of "second screen" technology. This gives consumers a way to get the information they care about, without changing the channel from the content they want.

Jeff and Rex close by taking a look at the future of video and audio content in automobiles, and discussing why Hollywood has a close eye on several of these new technological advancements.

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