How ‘The Flash’ Could Accelerate Warner’s DC Movie Prospects

The CW President Mark Pedowitz says he’s “bullish” on the show’s future.

Tim Beyers
Tim Beyers
Jan 23, 2014 at 9:43AM
The Business

Will we have a series order for The Flash television series starring Grant Gustin even before we get to see the pilot? There's reason to believe so, Fool contributor Tim Beyers says in the following video.

During the winter press tour for the Television Critics Association, The CW's president, Mark Pedowitz, said he was "bullish" about the future for the show even though audiences have yet to see a single episode. Press reports from the tour say he wants to launch The Flash "with a bang, like we launched Arrow." Signs don't come much clearer than that, Tim says.

Why the optimism? Several factors could be at play, but it's worth noting that Gustin's appearances on Arrow drew more than 3 million viewers, with his first appearance drawing a season 2 high. Meanwhile, Time Warner (NYSE:TWX.DL) has announced plans to delay Batman vs. Superman till 2016, leaving a dearth of live-action DC Comics content that The Flash could help to fill.

The CW is under no obligation to help Warner, of course, since CBS (NYSE:CBS) remains a 50-50 owner of the property. So why would Pedowitz fast-track The Flash? The network has developed a niche fan base that craves a taste of the fantastic wrapped in eye candy. Just look at the success of The Originals, a Vampire Diaries spinoff that The CW renewed for a second season in November. Viewership was up 9% at the time. Add it up, Tim says, and The CW -- first with Arrow, and soon The Flash -- is looking increasingly like Warner's best option for furthering the DC Movie Universe.

Now it's your turn to weigh in. What do you think of Warner's DC movie prospects? Will you be watching The Flash pilot when it airs? Please watch the video to get Tim's full take and then leave a comment to let us know whether you would buy, sell, or short Time Warner stock at current prices.