The Washington Auto Show is not among the world's largest, but it does have its own unique character. Being so close to Capitol Hill, much of the focus is on policy and green energy.

One of the stars of the show is the Toyota FCV -- a beautiful hydrogen-fuel-cell concept car that's extremely close to the actual model that will hit the market in about a year. Other fuel-cell vehicles will be available very soon, including the Hyundai Tucson crossover.

Hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles have the huge advantage over other green autos of emitting only water vapor as "exhaust." The big disadvantage -- for the time being, anyway -- is that there just aren't many hydrogen fueling locations out there.

So what is the future of hydrogen-fuel-cell technology? Will it live up to the promise, or is Tesla's Elon Musk right when he says it's just marketing baloney? The Motley Fool Motor Money team of John Rosevear and Rex Moore answers these questions, and much more, from the floor of the Washington Auto Show.