Almost every major automaker showed off some technology at the recent 2014 International CES in Las Vegas. Ford (F -2.23%) made several announcements, and also unveiled the new Mustang to the public for the first time.

In this video, Ford's Jim Farley -- executive vice president of global marketing, sales, and service -- reviews the automaker's major CES announcements. These include new app partnerships with ADT (NYSE: ADT) and Domino's Pizza (DPZ -0.63%). The former allows you to use voice commands to control your home heating, small appliances, lights, etc. from your Ford vehicle. The latter lets you make sure you have a hot pie waiting for you when you finally get home.

There is also news about upgrades to SYNC-equipped cars and, of course, the iconic new Ford Mustang.

A full transcript follows the video.

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James Farley: Ford made several big announcements today. We showed the Mustang right behind me for the first time in public. We've shown it to some limited media, but this is the first time that anyone could just walk up and see the car.

We also announced some enhanced AppLink apps; Parkopedia and also Parkmobile, two parking apps that are really helpful, that work on our AppLink.

We also announced ADT and Dominos, that you can run the ADT application to remotely secure your house, or precondition it with all the HVAC and lighting before you even get there or after you leave, from your Ford, using your voice. Same thing, order a pizza with Dominos!

But the parking apps are pretty significant, and HABU as well, which is mood-based music organization. Those are a few of our 60 apps that are available, like iHeartRadio and Pandora already, on AppLink, which is a SYNC feature.

We've sold about eight million SYNC-equipped cars now. AppLink is growing in its importance, beyond just connecting with the car. We want the apps to work in the car effortlessly, using your voice, so that's a big announcement.

We also announced a first-ever Ford developer conference for our AppLink, this summer in Dearborn; the first time I think an auto company has invited developers in -- actually invited them. We're going to give them about half a million dollars of free resources to encourage them to develop apps for Ford and AppLink.

And a couple days ago we made the announcement that we're backward-upgrading about 2.5 million SYNC-equipped cars with the latest version of AppLink, which is a big deal because car companies typically don't backward-update their cars.