Just one day after TASER International (NASDAQ:AXON) updated investors on the latest sales successes for its AXON on-body wearable camcorders for police officers, the company came out with news of yet another sale of the AXON on Thursday. And this one was bigger than all the other sales reported the previous day -- combined.

This new sale to the Fort Worth Police Department of 400 AXON flex on-body cameras includes 20 units provided free of charge as "spares," and a five-year contract to provide EVIDENCE.com digital video storage service for the devices. When delivered sometime in the first half of this year, this shipment will triple the number of AXON flex cameras in the Department's inventory.

In a statement on the sale, Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey W. Halstead called TASER's camera "a game changer for all of law enforcement." Echoing the sentiment, TASER CEO Rick Smith repeated his prediction that "body-worn video cameras will become standard equipment [for police officers nationwide] within the next 5-10 years."

Smith noted further that when TASER's cameras are filming interactions between police officers and civilians, and providing documented proof of what has happens during interactions between the two, "across the country, agencies that deploy our AXON camera systems have seen reduction in use of force and reduction in complaints."

TASER did not disclose the price of this sale, but at the AXON flex's advertised price of $499 per unit, this sale would appear to add nearly $190,000 to TASER's H1 2014 revenues, plus ongoing recurring monthly EVIDENCE.com revenues of perhaps $4,000.

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