Marvel Studios is back to making fistfuls of money at the box office with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which has already earned more than $300 million worldwide as of this writing. Has the Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) subsidiary set the bar too high for this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy?

Then, fresh data shows Disney Infinity spurring growth in the company's historically weak video game business. Will adding the Avengers to the mix of available characters boost Disney stock and threaten Activision Blizzard's (NASDAQ:ATVI) Skylanders franchise?  

Finally, Game of Thrones sets a new record in its season 4 premiere while Marvel's Agents of SHIELD suffers low live ratings amid the fallout from events in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Should Disney investors argue for pulling the plug? Should HBO use GoT's momentum to spin-off from parent Time Warner (NYSE:TWX.DL)?

Ellen Bowman, Nathan Alderman, and Tim Beyers have these stories and more in this week's episode of 1-Up on Wall Street!