Ford Motor Company Shows Off the Refreshed 2015 Focus

Ford's popular compact gets a new face and a bunch of new features.

John Rosevear
John Rosevear and Rex Moore
Apr 29, 2014 at 6:05PM

The 2015 Ford Focus will sport a new nose, new taillights, and some changes to the interior and suspension. Ford unveiled the overhauled Focus sedan in New York. Photo credit: Ford Motor Company

The New York International Auto Show is a major stop on the world's auto show circuit. Like so much else in New York, it's big, it's loud, and it's one of the industry's highest-profile stages.

The Motley Fool's Rex Moore and John Rosevear were in New York last week for the two days devoted to events for the world's automotive and financial media -- and they've captured the highlights to share with you through the magic of video.

Ford (NYSE:F) may not have had any big debuts, but they had a very big presence at the show. In an elaborate presentation on the first day, Chief Operating Officer Mark Fields unveiled a 50th anniversary edition of the all-new 2015 Mustang, with a little help from Executive Chairman (and leading Mustang fan) Bill Ford.

We've covered that special Mustang elsewhere -- in fact, Mark Fields told us more about it in an interview after the presentation. But during the same presentation, Fields also showed off a refreshed version of the compact Focus sedan. For 2015, the four-door Focus gets a new nose, some changes to the interior, and some suspension changes that Ford says will improve its handling.

This isn't an all-new Focus, it's just a refreshed one. But it's timely: The current Focus has been a strong product for Ford, but sales here in the U.S. have been slipping a bit in recent months. Part of the problem is simply that buyer preferences are shifting -- more consumers are choosing small SUVs over compact cars. But part of the problem for the Focus is a competitive one: Toyota (NYSE:TM) released an all-new Corolla last fall, and that made the Focus look a little bit like old news.

The Focus and the Corolla were the world's two best-selling vehicles last year, and Ford would very much like to keep its compact at the top of the global sales charts. Hence this refresh, while Ford works on an all-new Focus that will be released a couple of years from now.

In this video, John and Rex took a closer look at the refreshed Focus, and they offer their take on whether Ford's update is likely to help its appealing compact keep pace with rivals.