Cable has been on the way out in my household for well over a year now. I pay nearly $100 per month to Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCS.A) for a dozen channels I watch regularly, and I now spend more time streaming content from Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), Hulu, and iTunes than I do watching cable. But recently, I decided to actually pull the plug and stop paying for cable. 

There are three things driving my move away from cable. First, Internet speeds have gotten fast enough that I can stream multiple shows at the same time and not lose video quality. In part, this is Comcast's own fault because they're my current Internet provider and recently bumped up speed significantly. 

The next factor is the quality of content from streaming apps. Nearly every show I watch on TV is available either on Hulu or for purchase on iTunes, and Netflix has added a lot of movie and original content as well. 

But the biggest factor liberating me from cable is the ability to get streaming-only live sports content for nearly every major sport. The NHL, MLB, and NBA all have streaming-only, and I think NFL games are only a matter of time in the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. In the video below, I go over why it's time to switch from cable.