In its latest update on sales of its new line of AXON on-body wearable camcorders for police officers, TASER International (NASDAQ:AAXN) reported Wednesday that it has booked multiple new contracts of significant size -- and even more orders of smaller size. All of these orders -- including 745 units of AXON body and 329 units of AXON flex -- were received in, and are expected to turn up as revenue in the current second fiscal quarter of 2014 (the financial results of which are due to be published July 30).

TASER's AXON Body and Flex Camera. Photo: TASER

Wednesday's press release featured sales of:

  • 201 AXON on-body cameras to the City of Escondido Police and Fire Headquarters in California, plus a four-year contract to provide digital video storage service for the devices.
  • 200 units of the more advanced AXON flex on-body camera to the Salt Lake City Police Dept. in Utah, plus a five-year contract.
  • 160 more AXON body cameras to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina -- also with five years of service.
  • 93 AXON flex cameras to the Hickory Police Dept. in North Carolina, each with five years of service and coverage under the TASER Assurance Plan (a warranty and upgrades program offered by TASER).
  • 84 AXON body cameras to the Houma Police Dept. in Louisiana, with five years of
  • 82 AXON body cameras to the San Leandro Police Dept. in California, plus five years of and coverage under the Assurance Plan.
  • 70 AXON body cameras to the Ada County Sheriff's Office in Idaho, plus five years of and coverage under Assurance Plan.
  • 55 AXON body cameras to the East Haven Police Dept. in Connecticut, with five years of
  • 54 AXON body cameras to the Peoria Police Dept. in Arizona, with three months of
  • 36 AXON flexes, and six AXON body cameras to the Bellingham Police Dept. in Washington, with three years of and coverage under the Assurance Plan.
  • And 33 AXON body cameras to the Gilbert Police Dept. in Arizona, also with a three-year subscription and coverage under the Assurance Plan.

In total, the itemized sales TASER is reporting tally at 745 units of AXON body, 329 units of AXON flex, and many years worth of subscriptions. Notably, in every reported sale of real size, it appears that TASER's customers opted to supplement their AXON hardware purchase with a subscription to

TASER also noted that it has made additional sales of AXON body and flex cameras, subscriptions, and/or TASER Assurance Plans to other law enforcement agencies other states. Added to the larger orders, this means TASER booked sales of its new on-officer camera hardware and services in half the states of the Union this past quarter.

At announced prices of $499 for AXON flex and $299 for AXON body, these sales appear to represent one-time Q2 2014 sales revenue of more than $387,000 for TASER, with recurring monthly revenues in excess of $10,740.