"Data from cars meshed with third-party data creates the opportunity to give back to the greater good." – Sefi Grossman, Ford's Team Detroit

The automobile is one of the most promising areas in the emerging Internet of Things trend, and Ford (NYSE:F) is putting significant resources behind this lucrative growth area.

Sefi Grossman is the Technology Director at Team Detroit, Ford's ad agency. He was part of the "Internet of Cars" panel at the recent South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Tex. As marketers, Sefi says he and his team are excited about the connected car and where it will take us in the future. To quote his colleague, Scott Lange, "Your car is your biggest wearable."

I was able to speak with Sefi after his SXSW panel. He says Ford's desire to connect their cars to the Internet was born out of the need to monitor batteries in electric or hybrid vehicles. The resulting data from Ford can then be used to create meaningful and positive features for consumers.