General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) is not the conglomerate it used to be. As the corporation slims back to its industrial roots, investors need to understand what this means for their investment.

The restructuring road can be difficult, fraught with regulatory oversight and unforeseen expenses. As General Electric trims the fat, the remnants of its bigger self won't disappear overnight, and there will be many relics that GE is forced to remember, as they take years to truly disappear off its books.

The future of General Electric is exciting -- but it's also risky. Every year, corporations are required to write up what they think are their biggest risks. As a multinational corporation with competitors in almost every country on Earth, GE has plenty of risks to choose from. Here are three risks that GE believes are among its biggest:

General Electric Thinks These Are 3 of Its Biggest Risks from The Motley Fool.