The owners of Citigroup (NYSE:C) haven't had a smooth ride over the last decade. The New York City-based company went into the financial crisis as the biggest bank in America, with an appropriately large bottom line. But it emerged from the economic cataclysm in shambles, after writing off tens of billions of dollars' worth of toxic subprime-backed securities.

It's likely for this reason that all five of Citigroup's biggest shareholders are institutional money managers -- overseeing others' investments but not their own. For instance, Vanguard and Fidelity make the list thanks to their mutual and exchange-traded funds, which own large swaths of the stock market at any particular point in time.

To learn the other three companies that count among Citigroup's five largest shareholders, simply scroll through the brief slideshow below -- a table with raw data follows it.

Citigroup's Biggest Investors

Number of Shares Owned

Value of Stake

Ownership Interest in Citigroup


159.9 million

$8.9 billion


State Street

125.8 million

$7.1 billion



87.5 million

$4.9 billion



82.3 million

$4.6 billion



44.1 million

$2.5 billion


Data source: Morningstar, Yahoo! Finance, author's calculations.

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