Greetings, Fools. While March Madness is likely providing all the heart-stopping entertainment you can handle, if you own shares of Conn's (NASDAQ:CONN)Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ:LULU), or BlackBerry (NYSE:BB), prepare yourself for equally heart-stopping action.

All three of these stocks will be coming out with earnings this week, and all three are heavily shorted. When these two variables collide, volatility is almost guaranteed -- as was the case the last time I made such a prediction, when the three stocks in question moved an average of 10% following their respective releases.

But I don't suggest trying to turn a quick dollar on these moves. Instead I think shareholders should check out the slideshow below to see what really matters in the week ahead, and what's just short-term noise. And if all that volatility seems like too much, I suggest checking out our special free report for a much more comfortable way to grow your nest egg as well.

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