Sadly, we have no union to announce today between AOL Time Warner's(NYSE: AOL) CNN and Disney's(NYSE: DIS) ABC News. It's a sad Valentine's Day indeed for the would-be lovebirds. There'll be no happy cheer, no champagne toasts, no coupling between the two. They called off the wedding before they ever even stepped in the church. Ah, love, what a fickle little creature you are.

But let's all be honest here for a minute. Did anyone ever really think these two would go through with it? Clearly, they just aren't right for one another, and it seems doubtful they ever would be.

There's CNN over there, looking a bit haggard, but trying to put on her best face. Wooing stodgy ABC takes effort, after all. CNN's former beau, Ted Turner, was against the relationship, but we can't be too surprised about that. You know how jealous old boyfriends can be.

ABC's no tall-dark-and-handsome prize, either. His ratings are as weak as his chin, and he's a bit of a loser – a money loser, that is. Not that CNN only cares about the cash, mind you. A combination would hopefully have helped both AOL Time Warner and Disney cut costs.

In the end, we're left with two struggling units, each with its own problems and issues. We all know there's going to be baggage in any relationship, but these two would have been carrying Mac truckloads.

AOL Time Warner publicly called the whole thing off, citing "potential problems" with "culture" differences as the reason. It also comes down to control, as it does in so many failed relationships. No one was willing to cede it here, and both were hungry for it. Unions take work and compromise. Neither was committed enough to let itself be vulnerable to the other.

Maybe CNN and ABC News will find love in the future. Valentine's Day isn't a day to be pessimistic and cynical, right? Hey, you two, nurse your wounds with some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, watch an old tearjerker on the tube, and then move on with your lives.