If you found yourself suddenly stuck with a $2,000 bill, could you pay it? In a recent study, the National Bureau of Economic Research posed this question to a random sampling of Americans. The results were … not encouraging:

Source: NBER, as paraphrased by the author.

If surprised by a major auto repair, hospital bill, leaky roof -- what have you -- fully 50% of Americans polled said they either probably, or definitely, could not lay hands on $2,000 cash to pay the bill. Worse, a large majority of the folks who admitted they'd have difficulty described a series of rather desperate acts they'd have to take to cope: Tapping credit cards for cash. Visiting a payday loan provider. Pawning their possessions.

That's good news for pawnbrokers like EZCORP (Nasdaq: EZPW) and First Cash (Nasdaq: FCFS), I imagine, and for payday lenders Advance America (NYSE: AEA) and Cash America (NYSE: CSH). Literally half of America is just one small financial crisis away from becoming a customer. But it's less good news for the folks caught in their clutches.

Stop reading -- it's the Foolish thing to do
Which brings me to my point: If you are among the 50% that would struggle to come up with $2,000 in a pinch, what in heaven's name are you doing visiting a stock investing website? Much as we'd love to sign you up for a newsletter, and glad as we are to have you reading our stock picks … your first job is to secure yourself against disaster. Only then should you consider investing in stocks ...

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