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Adam Galas

Adam Galas


Adam Galas is an energy writer for The Motley Fool and a retired Army Medical Services Officer. After serving his country in the global war on terror, he has come home to serve investors by teaching them how to invest better in order to achieve their financial dreams.

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geothermal energy getty 6.27.17

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National Oilwell Varco is one of the best long-term oil stocks available, but three risks threaten to tank the stock in the short-term.

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Learn why deep-sea drillers still have a bright future, and which two companies are struggling more compared to this less risky alternative.

Offshore Drillers: 3 Big Risk Factors That Could Send Share Prices Crashing

Offshore drilling stocks have recently rebounded but there are three major risk factors facing the industry that could still send share prices crashing.

High-Yield Oil Stocks: Is Vanguard Natural Resources' 8.9% Yield Too Good to be True?

Even after a 44% distribution cut earlier this year Vanguard's remaining 8.9% might not be as safe as you might think.

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Oil tanker stocks are some of the highest yielding investments around, but the sector is fraught with danger. Find out what high-yield investors need to know.

The Best Stocks to Invest in Coal

Coal may be one of the most despised industries on Wall Street, but these two undervalued high-yield coal stocks have three factors that are likely to make them long-term market beaters.

3 Best Stocks to Watch in Oilfield Services

Find out 3 reasons three stocks in particular are likely to be excellent market beaters, especially as the industry recovers from the oil crash.

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Exxon is one of the world's largest and most stable high-yield oil stocks, but there are three risks that all long-term investors need to be aware of.

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Find out three ways this high-yielding specialty refiner is securing its sky-high payout and even plans to grow it in the future, though at a far slower rate.

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Find out 4 reasons why Williams Companies is likely to be one of the best high-yield dividend growth investments of the next few years, even if energy prices don't fully recover.

Williams Companies' $13.8 Billion Kinder Style Merger: 3 Things Dividend Investors Need to Know

Williams Companies $13.8 billion buy out of its MLP will have huge implications for dividend investors. Find out 3 major facts that you need to know.

Big Oil Dividend Stocks: Why Shell's $73 Billion Merger Could be Cheating Dividend Investors

Find out why Shell's $73 billion buyout of LNG giant BG Group is a terrible deal for dividend investors.