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Patrick Nelson

Patrick Nelson


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Why Amazon’s Set-top Box Will Beat Out Netflix

Why will Amazon’s box be better than competitors’ boxes, many of which use Netflix as a primary media source?

How Greed Killed Lucrative Text Message Fees for Cellular Carriers

Viber, an OTT messaging operator with 300 million users globally, has just been purchased by Japanese Rakuten for $900 million. Why?

Will Kanga Solve the E-Commerce Last-Mile Delivery Problem?

Speedy delivery could be a major differentiator that places small, local businesses at an advantage when compared with larger e-commerce supplier with their warehouse-oriented delivery mechanisms.

How Indoor Location Services Are About to Get More Prevalent

If marketers know where you are, they can pitch you location-specific products.

Is Crowd-Funding the Next Revenue Maker for the Music Business?

Start-up Gideen will let you choose a song, and give you a third of the future music income of that chosen song for five years. Your cost is $25.

How New Budgeting App Level May Change the Way You Think About Money

By getting a daily snapshot of how much cash you have available, conceivably you could start saving some of it.