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Leah Niu

Leah Niu


Leah is a freelance writer for The Motley Fool. She is interested in socially responsible investing, conscious capitalism, and Tesla.

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Tesla's price-to-sales ratio is currently about 11 times the size of that of any of its competitors. Let's look at why that might be, and what its long-term business strategy says about the company’s future valuation.

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With other EV makers making a big splash, investors may be overlooking an up-and-coming company with a great deal of potential.

Tesla Motors, Inc. and Boutique Branding in China

Tesla delivered its first eight Model S vehicles in China recently. This launch was full of strategic media hype, amplifying the electric-car maker’s buzz in this vital market.

Shareholders Rejoice, Chipotle Mexican Grill Is Raising Prices!

Chipotle has been anticipating a price increase since last year. This move shouldn’t scare off investors; in fact, shareholders should be singing the company’s praises for making this move now.

Which Vital Metric Do Chipotle Mexican Grill’s Shareholders Frequently Overlook?

What are you missing when you size up Chipotle? There's one number that shareholders should watch closely as the company continues its massive growth.

Unlike McDonald's and Yum! Brands, Chipotle Mexican Grill Doesn't Rob its Employees

Wage theft is just another shameful chapter of the fast food story, a chapter from which Chipotle will excluded.

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How are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Yum! Brands, and McDonald's Misleading You?

Looking at the ROEs of these fast food companies is a bit tricky. Be wary of big numbers, as they may not be all that they seem.

Is Tesla Motors Inc. Really a Car Company?

Are we looking at Tesla in the wrong light? The electric-car company presents a unique problem for investors as they must consider the potential to disrupt that it embodies both as a car manufacturer and as a technology innovator.

The Top 5 Things Tesla Motors Inc. Will Look for in Its Next Partner

Tesla Motors Inc. has been at the center of a debate about graphite production and its association with the massive environmental concerns facing China, the world's largest producer of the mineral.

Making the Case for a Texan Tesla Motors Inc.

Tesla has previously gone toe-to-toe with the Lone Star State in order to defend its direct-sales model. So why is the electric-car company considering Texas as a contender for its Gigafactory location?

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Is Chipotle the smartest company in the room? According to the numbers, quality seems to trump quantity.

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Tesla and Toyota have been working together since May 2010, but is their relationship nearing an end?

The Top 3 Reasons Why Chipotle Mexican Grill Will Continue to Outperform Yum! Brands

Why will Chipotle Mexican Grill continue to run circles around Taco Bell, even with the latter company's new breakfast menu?

What One Thing Makes Chipotle Mexican Grill a Better Buy Than its Competitors?

A number of factors set burrito maker Chipotle Mexican Grill apart from its competitors, but what’s the one thing that is the most vital to building the brand’s loyalty?