Leah Niu

Leah Niu


Leah is a freelance writer for The Motley Fool. She is interested in socially responsible investing, conscious capitalism, and Tesla.

Recent articles

Is Tesla Motors Inc. Actually Worth Its Underdog Premium?

Tesla's price-to-sales ratio is currently about 11 times the size of that of any of its competitors. Let's look at why that might be, and what its long-term business strategy says about the company’s future valuation.

Tesla Motors, Inc. and Boutique Branding in China

Tesla delivered its first eight Model S vehicles in China recently. This launch was full of strategic media hype, amplifying the electric-car maker’s buzz in this vital market.

Is Tesla Motors Inc. Really a Car Company?

Are we looking at Tesla in the wrong light? The electric-car company presents a unique problem for investors as they must consider the potential to disrupt that it embodies both as a car manufacturer and as a technology innovator.

Making the Case for a Texan Tesla Motors Inc.

Tesla has previously gone toe-to-toe with the Lone Star State in order to defend its direct-sales model. So why is the electric-car company considering Texas as a contender for its Gigafactory location?