Michael Nielsen

Michael Nielsen


Michael is a full-time MBA student and certified stock market junkie. For the Fool, he writes articles about the telecom industry.
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Recent articles

2 Factors Leading to the Demise of Cable TV

There are two factors that have the potential to bring down cable TV as we know it. Will big television businesses survive if TV viewership goes down the tube?

Will AT&T Suffer if its Merger with DirecTV is Denied?

Recently, The CEO's of AT&T and DirecTV claimed that the only way they can remain competitive in the telecom industry is if their merger plans are approved. Is there truth to their claims, or are the execs just doing whatever they can to get their merger approved by the FCC?

Comcast Corporation's Grip on the Market Won't Last

Historically, many businesses have prospered by ignoring customer satisfaction and focusing only on yearly profits.Comcast is one of these businesses. But the monopoly-like grip on the telecom market Comcast has enjoyed over the last ten years is about to fade away along with its robust profits.

Big Things on the Horizon for Verizon

While other telecom companies are scrambling to consolidate, Verizon is focused on improving its own business. This factor will give Verizon the competitive edge needed to create shareholder value in the long-run.

Could Cliffs Natural Resources Really Go Bankrupt?

Cliffs Natural Resources is extremely reliant on the price of iron ore. With the recent collapse of iron ore prices, should investors actually be worried about Cliffs going bust?

Outerwall Inc. Has Great Growth Opportunities

There are reasons to believe that Redbox has a lot of life left. And Outerwall, its parent company, has a nice set of growth opportunities that should help boost its bottom line well into the future.

Why Netflix Is a Great Stock

Netflix announced its European expansion plan on Wednesday. Although the stock is relatively "expensive", the future is looking bright for shareholders.

Wal-Mart Is Hungry For Some Whole Foods

On April 10, 2014 announced it will start to carry Wild Oats organic foods items. The products will be priced 25% cheaper than comparable organic products. Should Whole Foods investors run for the hills?

EU Net-Neutrality Ruling Is a Big Deal for Netflix

Recently, internet service providers interconnection fees have wreaked havoc on Netflix's stock price. But, a recent announcement by the European Union changes the outlook for Netflix and a few other companies.

Why I Sold All of My Shares of Netflix

Until recently, Netflix was free to grow as fast as it wanted without having to worry about the capacity of the internet service providers that stream its content for consumers. Recently, certain internet service providers have reached a point where they cannot continue to flawlessly stream Netflix' content without expanding their capacity. This will cost money--money the ISP's want Netflix to fork over. These new fees could spell serious trouble for Netflix investors.