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Tim Hanson

Tim Hanson


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The Newest Stocks in the Motley Fool 100

Some surprising names are joining the Fool universe.

Inside Foolish Indexes

Learn how and why we created the Fool 100 index.

Gardner Bros outside HQ

Motley Fool 100 Update: What's In and What's Out

Get the latest on The Motley Fool's market index.

interconnected concepts

Announcing the Fool 100: A New Way to Follow The Fool’s Top Stocks

Read below to learn more!

So, You Bought Shares of Snap

No matter what happens next, new investors who bought shares of Snap are set to learn a lot about investing.

tim hanson margin of danger

Margin of Danger

Perhaps the greatest hazard of investing is that we don't know what we don't know.


The Questions That Matter

And the questions that don't.


The Humility Curve

A look at the investing errors I’ve made, so you don’t have to.


Do More Right

And move with speed.


Find Ideas That Are Good and Different

How to look where others aren't and make it work for you.

soccer penalty kick goalie

Just Don't Do It

The value of inactivity in investing and other areas of life.

3 Key Ratios for Small Bank Investing

Before you invest in a small bank stock, make sure you check these three boxes.

When Smaller Is Better

Small bank stocks can be hard to find, but are worth their weight in gold when you uncover the right one.

3 Predictions for (the Rest of) 2015

Two are likely in our expert's opinion, and the third is guaranteed.

The Dangers of Investing in China

The Motley Fool's Tim Hanson visited China this winter. He returned home with a cautionary picture for investors.

The Best European Bank You've Probably Never Heard Of

A strange travel schedule didn't stop Tim Hanson from uncovering valuable insights during a trip to Tbilisi.

From the Desk of MFAM: Why You Should Consider Community Banks

When interest rates rise, these small companies stand to benefit.

From the Desk of MFAM: Why Investors Shouldn't Moonlight

A look at the disturbing trend of funds that are loading up on non-public tech startups.

From the Desk of MFAM: All Sales Are Online Sales

Online commerce is a big deal, and more companies than just are set to benefit.

The Home Improvement Industry Keeps On Improving

American Woodmark reported earnings today. Should investors use the announcement as a guideline for investing in the home improvement industry?

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